Food Container Lids

PS Food Container Lids


We offer a variety of PS food container lids. No matter which shape you desire, we can put in our utmost effort to customize the PS food container lids that best suit your business. We can tailor the dimension, design, and shape according to your preferences. Click the common shape below to send us an email. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further!

Common Shape: Round / Square / Rectangle


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  • Seal in Freshness, Unveil Convenience

Experience the perfect blend of freshness and ease with our PS Food Container Lids. Crafted to fit flawlessly on your food containers, these lids create an airtight seal that keeps your meals delectably fresh, whether you're storing leftovers or taking your creations on the go.

  • A Lid That Works as Hard as You Do

Our PS Food Container Lids don't just preserve food; they simplify your life. The secure seal prevents leaks and spills, making them perfect for busy individuals who need reliable food storage solutions that keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle.

  • Designed for Versatility

Whether you're storing soups, salads, or sandwiches, our PS Food Container Lids are designed to fit an array of container sizes. The user-friendly design ensures that your culinary creations remain intact and ready for consumption whenever you're ready to enjoy.

  • Aesthetics Meet Purpose

GreenFuture's dedication to aesthetics shines through in the design of these food container lids. We provide a wide range of styles for these lids, including round, square, rectangle, etc. We also have customized services for you to decide the style that best suit to your business!