Home Compostable Series

Home Compostable Series

The "Home compostable" series of GreenFuture products have passed the below test:

◼️Degrade > 90% in 360 days: under natural environment (28°C).   
   Composting this product only requires a temperature of 28"C, which means people can compost this type of plastic-free paper cups in their gardens, yards, etc. easily.

◼️No hazards: Contains no traditional plastics and microplastics.
   Using the aqueous lining instead of PE, there’s no plastic layer in this type of water-based paper cup. The best solution to plastic restrictions in many countries.  

◼️Safety: Heavy metals-free and fluorine-free.
   With the purest material, there is no additional material in this type of eco-friendly paper cup.

◼️Soil-friendly: The soil after composting shall cause no negative impacts on plants. 
   Without negative impacts on the soil where it is placed; on the other hand, it helps compost in the soil.