Cup Lids

CPLA Cup Lids


We offer a variety of CPLA cup lids. No matter which style you desire, we can put in our utmost effort to customize the CPLA cup lids that best suit your business. We can tailor the diameter, design, and style according to your preferences. Click the common styles below to send us an email. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further!

Common Style: Flat / Sip / Reclosed / Dome


TEL: 886-04-2220-7005

  • Elevate Your Sip with CPLA Cup Lids

Discover a new level of sophistication and sustainability with our CPLA Cup Lids. Crafted from innovative crystallized polylactic acid (CPLA), these lids are designed to transform your sipping experience while reducing your environmental footprint.

  • Sip Consciously, Sip Stylishly

Indulge in your favorite beverages with the confidence that comes from using CPLA Cup Lids. These lids not only ensure a seamless drinking experience but also showcase your commitment to eco-friendly choices. Elevate your sipping style with elegance that echoes sustainability.

  • A Greener Choice

Join us in making a positive impact on the planet. CPLA Cup Lids are derived from renewable resources and are fully compostable in commercial composting facilities. By choosing CPLA, you're contributing to a circular economy and minimizing the environmental impact of your daily indulgence.

  • Designed for Performance

Experience the perfect harmony of form and function. CPLA Cup Lids boast a precision-fit design, preventing spills and leaks while preserving the temperature and flavor of your beverages. Whether you're sipping a piping hot latte or a refreshing iced tea, these lids have you covered.