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Temperature tolerance: 100℃ / 212℉

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◼️ 4oz paper cups are ideal for catering industries.
◼️ With compact size, it is easy to hold and space-saving.
◼️ Small but sturdy thanks to the great coating and excellent paperboard.
◼️ Use FSC certified paper, creating a good cycle for the environment.
◼️ Home compostable paper cups, more convenient to compost.
◼️ Customized Printing service.



◼️ Catering: Best choice for Ice-cream cups, and mini dessert cups. 
◼️ Sampling: As sampling cups for beverage stores and restaurants with new drinks launch.
◼️ Organizer: Suitable for events such as exhibitions, parties, concerts.



The 4oz aqueous coated single wall paper cup is commonly used for serving beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, and so on.

Our water-based paper cup is certified with OK Compost HOME, which proves our products are home compostable. You can compost this 4oz compostable paper cup in your garden instead of at the industry site. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to other materials that may take longer to degrade or require specialized industrial composting facilities.

Its small size makes it ideal for single servings or containing beverage sampling for customers. This 4oz disposable paper cup can be put in a small box or warehouse without any space occupied. It is designed to be lightweight, convenient, and disposable, making it a popular choice for sampling services, takeaway containers, events, parties, and other occasions where a single-use cup is desired. Also, it is the best choice for organizers to take on every occasion.

All of our tree-based materials are sourced from FSC-certified forests, we use the trees in the forest but provide a positive circle in the meantime instead of consuming the natural sources without any contribution, which indicates our sense of responsibility to the environment and we are keeping doing our best to protect the Earth.

GREENFUTURE uses professional printing technology, providing customization services for customers, you can put your logo or any design on this type of 4oz hot cup. If you’re interested in this product or in the service, please click the botton below to send inquiry.

Email: info@greenfuture.tw

TEL: 886-04-2220-7005

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